Mount Baker Wilderness

Sunset behind the ridgeline

Sunrise inside of the fog

Aster and lupine meadows beneath Mount Baker

Sunset on the Canadian Border

I snapped this photo during a long, grueling snow hike up and over a mountain pass covered in two feet of fresh new snow.

Sunrise over the North Cascades

I took this shot after running up the mountain at 3:30am to catch the sunrise during a long 15 mile trail run. I had spent the night sleeping at the trailhead after forgetting my backpacking bag. It was intensely beautiful watching the colors move across the horizon as the mountains lit up with morning light!

Winter trying to find it's way

Shot late in the fall in the Mount Baker National Forest. Winter was just making it's first appearance and the gradient between trees and snow was fantastic.

A misty morning below Shuksan

Overhanging clouds above Mount Shuksan

Shot during a splitboarding tour I was on with a great friend!

Early spring in the North Cascades

Early morning sun rays on the North Fork of the Nooksack

Baker Lake with a low water level

Some storm clouds rolling in to the face of the mountain.

Looking up the skin track

Jagged peaks covered with 15 feet of snow

Trees starting to see the light of day

Wildflowers galore beneath the inviting south face of Mount Baker

Picturesque Mount Shuksan on Picture Lake