San Juan Islands Spring 2022

Orca whale off the west side of San Juan Island coming up for air off Limekiln Point.

Late spring wildflowers on Yellow Island

Watching a gorgeous sunset over the Olympic Mountain Range. We left the harbor at 8:40pm, and got into open water where we could see the sun as it set beneath the horizon. The colors lit up and reflected off the calm water.

Boat wakes in rhythm with the ocean

Sunset on the Twin Sisters above a Washington State Ferry

Orca Whale spy-hopping underneath a looming Mount Rainier, the tallest mountain in Washington State.

Orcas Island Views to the East

Move out of the way!

A problem all to common in the San Juan Islands, disrespectful and ignorant boaters will go out of their way to get extremely close to the whales, much closer than the state law requires.

1. Stay 300 yards from either side of orcas2. Stay 400 yards behind orcas3. Stay 400 yards out of orcas’ path4. Slow down to a speed of under seven knots within a ½ mile of orcas

Turn Island during the Morning Hours

Slightly Hazy Sunset Colors with Mount Baker in the Distance

Waldron Island's Rugged Southwest Shoreline

A barge under the Olympic Mountains at Sunset

Magical Sunrise colors over Mount Baker and the Twin Sisters

A beautiful sunset over Vancouver Island

Sun setting over Spieden and Stuart Islands

Kelp Forests off Turn Point on Stuart Island