San Juan Islands Summer 2023

A tranquil sunset on a small island

All of the shades of orange during golden hour

The Northwestern-most point in the lower 48 United States

This cliff face was formed from river sediment being deposited over 70 million years ago, and uplifted by plate tectonic activity.

A distant view of the powerful Mount Baker (Koma Kulshan) strato-volcano

Taking a rest on one of the few sandy beaches in the San Juan Islands

The perfect view from the Tippy-Top

Spieden Island lit up by the late evening sunlight

In the 1970s and 1980s the island was used for big game hunting; non-native game animals such as Mouflon sheep from Corsica, fallow deer from Europe, and Sika deer from Asia – along with approximately 2,000 exotic birds such as african guinea fowl – were brought to the island.